Sonntag, 20. November 2011

das könnte...

irland sein 
could be ireland 

mehr interpretationen von *irland* findet ihr bei *värikollaasit* und
über eure gescannten fotos freut sich al bei *sunday scans*!
more interpretations of *ireland* you will find at *värikollaasit* and 
if you have some scanned photos join al´s *sunday scans*!

liebe grüße 
♥  tina ♥ 

also shared with *mosaic monday* **


  1. Beautiful mosaic with beautiful scenery.

  2. This is a wonderful collage of "Ireland" - I especially love the cow! and the glowing cloud which seems to be a heart!!! :=}

    This is perfect for Sunday Scans!!!

  3. Green, oh so green are the valleys of Ireland, nice.

  4. Very beautiful pictures from Ireland!
    Thanks for your comment in my blogg.(It is the first cold and ice this year)
    Have a nice sunday!

  5. That's a great collage. We never made it to Ireland when I was growing up, but it's a country I'd love to visit.

    I've got my photos picked out for the next three PicStory topics!

  6. Great collage! Just like I see Ireland in my mind.

  7. Das stimmt, es könnte sein! Vielleicht is es sogar :)Dein landshaft ist so ruhig,ich möchte gerne da länger bleiben.


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