Mittwoch, 24. August 2011

*Schau mir in die Augen*

ist Bellas Motto beim *Thementag

Dann schau ich mal 

ich kann´s nicht lassen :)

heute schon gesponnen?

*Schmiedekunst* für Blechi und Elke 

Jetzt hab´ ich endlich mal eine Uhr für 
Frau Waldspecht´s *tick-tack*

Mehr Antikes bei *Die Zeichen der Zeit*

Liebe Grüße 
xo Tina 



  1. Danke liebe Tina ! Du hast mir eine neue Idee mit deine Spiele/Fotos ! Danke ! Ich schaue jetzt immer verschiedene und mehr !
    Alles Gute fur Dich!
    Meine mail:

  2. I pity don't understanding german. Should have been nice to read your own words to your photo series. (google translate is not a good tool...)

    Regarding your question of what it is on my photo. I don't really know. It is some kind of bubbles dripping from nearly mature plums, still hanging in the tree. It does not invite to eating plums - I suspect maybe a bug. :-S

  3. I love the pictures. I really like that old typewriter.

  4. I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award because I enjoy seeing your photos and I think others will too. Check it out!

  5. Great job, I love this series with antiques.

  6. lots of great vintage things there :)

  7. I love antique stores! Great photos.

  8. I love visiting antique stores and museums. What wonderful old things with so much beauty. I enlarged the bottom photo to find the heart - I see a perfect one in one of the trees, and a bunch of cute hearts in another tree! So much beauty in this post! I love it!

  9. That is a very nice set of picture. I really enjoy the first one : this self portrait is awesome ; but I also like very much the photoshopping you made on the other : some are kind of cool... :n

  10. I love all that pictures!
    Well done!
    Have a nice weekend
    Elisa, Argentina

  11. I see some gorgeous antique there! :j

  12. It looks to me like you were having a wonderful time playing with you iPhone and some of the cool photo apps they have for them. If this is the case, I would love to know which app you were using. My husband and I area continually shooting with our your series of shots. The second and third ones are so neat. That store looks yummy. Know you had a drag time shooting in there. All of your shots are nice. genie


♥lichen dank für eure lieben kommentare! ich freu´ mich ganz arg über jeden einzelnen!
thanx sooo much for all your lovely comments! i really appreciate every single word :)

♥ tina ♥