Montag, 29. August 2011

PicStory # 13 *Tiere / Animals*

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Das Thema heute ist: *Tiere* 
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xo Tina 



  1. Beautiful picture with that nice goat. In my photo shows a horse, but in the abstract, if you think goes with the theme Queno withdraw the link. Regards.

  2. Fun theme! I actully "made" a story with pictures. I hope it's alright with more than one or three pics... :) That goat of yours sure looks like he's having a good time!

  3. Lots of fun here - I can't wait to see what people have come up with.

  4. The goats are interesting and cute creatures. Here they seem as if they are being groomed, and in public. Whatever the story, adorable beings worthy of our attention!

  5. Wo es was zu Fressen gibt, kuscheln auch Ziegen gerne :a
    Schöner Bildschnitt und ein wirklich hübsches Tier!

    Mein animalischer Beitrag ist auch Online. Ich habe diesmal etwas "Kleines" gewählt.

    Lieben Gruß

  6. Eine Schmuseziege :-) Wie niedlich.
    LG Christiane

  7. The link was in place and working. You have not seen. I just got your blog through it. Thank you.

  8. The goats are cute, that's a great photo.

  9. solange sie die Hörner nicht nutzen...
    niedlich eingefangen
    LG vom katerchen

  10. Thank you for telling med I was voted for last week. I didn't know you could vote.

  11. Cute photo, I do love the animals. Thanks for the invite to PicStory.

  12. LOve the goats! They are always popular at petting zoos and at the County Fairs. We pass several farms that raise them when we go into town.


♥lichen dank für eure lieben kommentare! ich freu´ mich ganz arg über jeden einzelnen!
thanx sooo much for all your lovely comments! i really appreciate every single word :)

♥ tina ♥