Freitag, 15. Juli 2011

Danke schön

Ein paar Blümchen

... als "Danke schön" für euren Besuch und  
 für all eure lieben Kommentare, ob geschrieben oder gedacht!  
 Some flowers to say "Thanks" for your visit and
for all your lovely comments - if written or in your mind! 
Have a nice weekend!

 Ein schönes Wochenende euch allen! 

Eure Tina

Mehr schöne Blumen gibt es bei  *Weekendflowers*  

This B-ee is for *FMTSO*
More flowers you find at *Today´s Flowers*  


  1. Dir auch ein schönes Wochenende :s :s ♥

  2. Die Bumble-Bee ist ja klasse! Schönes Wochenende!! :)

  3. Pretty flowers and nice click. like that bee garden stick. joining in your party with my entry.

  4. Beautiful flower photos and I love that cute little bee!

  5. Das Bienchen ist ja so süß :-))) Macht sich gut in den gelben Blümchen.
    LG Christiane

  6. Such beautiful flowers, and the bee is adorable.

  7. your little bee guy is very cute!! thanks!

  8. I really like that cute bee. You captured the personality and made me smile.

  9. Beautiful photos and I love that little bee. Thanks for sharing.

  10. The bee looks so very happy among those yellow flowers! :)

  11. I clicked on your blog (on Sunday Snapshots) because I thought I recognized that bee. He looks a little German to me, and kind of like a bee that my little girl loves to play with! And I see that you are indeed in Germany...and so am I. It's nice to meet you!

  12. Beautiful flowers and Bee Mine is very cute!

  13. really cute photos but the 2nd photo is my most fave! Happy MYm!

  14. Pink, purple and yellow flowers + bee mine = colorful fun!

  15. Oops, I thought I already commented on this - I guess I got sidetracked and forgot!

    I LOVE your little bee!!! It's adorable - and your flowers are very beautiful!


♥lichen dank für eure lieben kommentare! ich freu´ mich ganz arg über jeden einzelnen!
thanx sooo much for all your lovely comments! i really appreciate every single word :)

♥ tina ♥